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Summer 2009


Ahlam Shibli / Goter
Alexander Apóstol / Avenida Caracas, Bogotá | Skeleton Coast
Whitney Stolich / Third Space | Land Above Sky Below
Rufina Wu – Stefan Canham / Portraits from Above

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Spring 2009

Untitled is

Untitled is an online magazine about photography. Edited in the city of Thessaloniki, it plans to publish four issues per year, following the change of seasons.

Each issue of Untitled will be devoted to a specific subject, presenting selected artistic projects and acting as a clearing house for work characterised by vitality and singularity.

A common denominator will be an approach to art through political and social readings of reality and its representation.

Artists’ projects in each issue will be accompanied by brief expository texts, without however disturbing the emphasis on a dialogue between the different works.

Untitled does not claim to be filling a void because it has no fear of the void; on the contrary, it is through the inchoate nature of the latter that new ideas emerge and take shape.

Many thanks are due to Simos Saltiel for his advice and support.
Art direction & editing
Hercules Papaioannou
Evdoxia Radi

Website design and development




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